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  Hi everyone my name is Liza and I am an organ procurement coordinator for Finger Lakes Donor Recovery Network. For the last 12 years I have been in health care. When I became a nurse I took my first nursing job as a dialysis nurse. Little did I know that job was the just start of me falling into my passion of organ donation. Very quickly I learned the daily battle these patients faced from things that most of us take for granted as the food they can eat and how much water they can drink. These patients spend at least three days a week with me for a minimum of three hours these days. These patients suffering from end stage renal disease became my family and I wanted to learn more about the process of kidney transplant. This then led me to become a nurse in the surgical intensive care unit at Strong Memorial Hospital. When I started there I became more aware of how sick these people were and how rare it was for someone to receive a transplant. Here I saw the strongest fighters that I will ever meet. They fought every day to live and because of organ donation I saw many miracles. Whether it was a young adult being able to go work again to a father being able to see his sons graduate these patients drive to live showed me that I wanted to do more to make sure more of these miracles happen. Seeing this led me into becoming an organ procurement coordinator. I’ve been honored to be with families and “heroes” weekly during this darkest times. These families so selflessly knowing that their grief can save lives. This is no longer a job for me but my passions. Me and my daughter will be walking the Catwalk for Kidneys to bring more awareness and education to organ donation. We will be doing this to honor all the heroes and the lives they saved by organ donation.

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