As many of you know Harry was diagnosed with Kidney failure last year. This was tough for us, as we thought we would have more time, when in a matter of months his numbers dropped so quickly. Time was running out for us. We were so blessed to have found a donor. Now this donor was known only to me through Facebook. She stepped up and volunteered to get tested, even before she had met Harry. She then continued with the process, donating her super kidney to Harry.

Both Maria and Harry are doing so well right now. Harry has been given a second chance at life and doing everything possible to keep his kidney healthy. 

But not everyone gets so lucky. Currently, there are over 93,000 people on the kidney transplant waiting list. The wait for a deceased donor could be 5 years, and in some states, it is closer to 10 years. Dialysis would have been the next step for Harry, this would have meant going to a clinic every other day to have his kidney's filtered out. As business owners we would have made this work, but it would have added a tremendous amount of pressure to both of us.

I ask that you please consider donating to help patients in our community battling Kidney Disease. Please help us stop the suffering of so many people. We know we have been blessed, we hope like Maria you will also see it in your hearts to make a donation to a worthy cause. You can also support our walk on the runway by purchasing tickets to see us there. Every ticket purchased to see us will go directly towards our fundraising goal. Click / Tap Here for tickets. 

Harry and I appreciate all of you.


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